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Why choose Salt Designs?
A pinch of SALT makes all the difference!
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Table salt acts as a flavor enhancer by amplifying the natural taste in food. We are SALT and our designs are created to enhance your ideas and/or business into something your audience can't help but notice!

Our business model is simple. Here at Salt Designs, we recognize the hard work and passion it takes to propel a dream forward. We work to accentuate your strengths and show the world what you have to offer. Together, we can create progressive designs to highlight your true identity.

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Behind the scenes
Hi, I'm Sara Lynn!
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As the owner and creator of Salt Designs, you'll almost always be working with me on your projects!

A little about me: I’m a graphic artist born and raised in Connecticut, USA. Being born in the 90’s meant I had the privilege of growing up alongside one of the world’s most revolutionary technologies; computers. I fell in love with design once I learned I could combine this intriguing machinery with my passion for art and creativity.

When I’m not designing something, I’m experimenting in the kitchen, listening to podcasts, traveling, cuddling with my cats or snapping photos of this human existence.

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Image of Sara Lynn, owner of Salt Designs